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Our Mission Statement

We have discovered that once young players see full contact rugby they want to play that way and you cant keep them from we help them get there safely to enjoy playing the game!
Our philosophy at North Shore Rugby is to teach our young players contact rugby at an early age and to develop each player's confidence.....once they can tackle safely and with 'enthusiasm' a player's 'entire game' can explode in the many different areas of skill development from that point onward. Learning to play contact rugby at an early age is extremely important for player safety and this begins through 'muscle memory' so our focus is on the details of correct tackling techniques for thirty minutes at every single practice, Spring and Fall. We build our players from there and this sets us apart!


Northshore Youth RFC Golf Tournament - July 19th - 2PM Tee Off

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2014 New England Challenge Cup

Delighted to report, and to have been a part as the head coach of the 2014 New England Challenge Cup winning team yesterday at Fort Devens. Our club captain, Zach Schutz represented North Shore Youth RFC as a starter on on the MYRO Some exceptional players on this team and three were selected to the All American camp.
Des Crowley

Spring 2014 Rugby Season is Here!

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To Register as a Player for the Fall 2013

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North Shore Youth RFC- Trailblazers and North Shore Youth RFC - Varsity Colts at USA Rugby (
Please click on the RED 'REGISTER' button and follow instructions, we are open!

This is the mandatory annual registration for all players with the national USA Rugby Football Union so that players are insured to participate in rugby from August 2013 until August 2014.


  • Players 8-14yrs register with North Shore Youth RFC Trailblazers 2013-2014
  • Players Varsity Colts register with newly created: North Shore Youth RFC U19 2013-2014

The age overlap is to allow for birth date cut-off at September 1st.
MYRO aligns with MIAA and uses the September 1st cutoff date for all contact programs. So a player would have to be under the age of 15 on September 1st....etc.

Please download and read the flyer before registering and refer above for age appropriate registration.

We are looking for u15's and u17's in particular to join us this Fall as well as u13's and younger to fill both registered clubs/teams.

Once registered with the Trailblazers sign up with Manchester Recreation for the Fall program direct link at: Manchester-by-the-sea Recreation, website ("Register For Programs Online" link).

Please refer your friends and schoolmates to this website and our Facebook link.

If you have any difficulty registering please call USA Rugby at 1-303-539-0300